Photos from Wade Johnson
20250, Baker

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This is a picture of Yalova. One of the main "drags?" See the dirt at bottom?
It's really bad. They have very nice cars as
evidenced by the Chevy. ALL, I mean all, are taxis if owned by a Turk.
This is another view. That stuff you see in the middle
of the road ain't grass. See the rugs on the left? They are
really nice. Hand made and all that stuff They about give them away. Trees growing in the middle of the sidewalk isn't uncommon.
This is a shop in Yalova. It's small but very nice.
See the round copper plates that look black?
Well, this man and more, of course, can etch with a nail, or something, your picture in it. It looks exactly like a photograph. You can see some of the small items he has in the showcase. He looks like a typical Turk too.
This is made facing south. On the right is my barracks.
At left is the chapel. Those mountains aren't as far
as they look. They are big too.
Chuck Winegar on right and Jim Neja on left. Jim is my roommate now, but chuck is on another flight. (D flight, I think. ) Chuck came over with me.
Chuck again in the old dayroom. That's my bunk on the left. (We were there for quite some time, eleventy-hundred of us, before we could get rooms.)
Taken from in front of the Tuslog building in Yalova. See that thing? Well, he is selling a kind of cake or something. Looks good, but I wouldn't touch it. Probably ekmeg(?), and I sure grew out of that. That bread was great.
I ended up eating everything the Turks ate,
off the street. Never had any problems.
Yalova ferry. I've got a hunch that thing has
3 more floors under water. I don't know for sure.
Wonder why all the people are facing away
from me or appear to be going the other way?
Well, I got behind them and took this, then ran.
We stopped a nice girl, looking, I mean, and asked to take her picture, but she said NO! Too bad.
This gracious man was kind enough to let me take his picture. He had two of the most darling kids I've seen in some time. Chuck bought a beautiful foto album from him. That's the way they spell photo. Makes sense FOTO.
See the nut on the car? Not at all unusual.
They aren't at all conventional. Those houses
don't look half bad, huh? Don't believe it.
This was taken on market day. People all over.
Taken betwen the KDCI and the town of Karamürsel.
On the shore of the Marmara Sea.
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