Photos by John Sciuto
John Sciuto on the extreme left (# 9) . The rest of these bums as follows:
#15 is Jim Hitt, #67 is Bob Longnecker, then comes J. Johnson, #13 is Frank Conlan (living in New Hampshire), #14 is Dick DiCaprio, # 7 is A. Seigel, then #20 is Dave Nystrom and (0) is Bob Jones, in front # 33 is Bobby Hutto, #4 is Jim Stokes, #11 is Dave MacDougal (up in Port Clinton, OH) then #2 is Tim Shenton and then #3 is Joe Wall.
I didn't record the kids in front or remember who they belonged to...
This crowd was Det 63 Dog Flight. Flight of the Month in 1973 sometime. I'm the only one in correct uniform wearing a hat outdoors. Don't have all the names on this one but front left is Monk Porter from Oklahoma, front center is Cooper and then Merle the Pearl Kramer from Penn. Second row left is Dave MacDougall from Port Clinton, Oh, Jim Ciampa from Nashua, NH, myself from Haverhill, Mass. and the back row is kind of forgotten now. I wish I had written the names down now. 
This is 1972 or 1973 in front of the Pink Palace which was the Det 63 barracks. Left to right is me, John Sciuto, Bob Smedile of Stoughton, Mass. then Monk Porter of Oklahoma and Dave MacDougall of Port Clinton, Oh. We were the best of friends and I still occasionally contact MacDougall and Smedile. Would love to hear from Monk Porter.
Classic street vendor in Yalova, Turkey - 1972
This is a shot of Tarzan down in front of his barber shop in Yalova. What a character he was! The kid with him is Kevin Klokow from Wisconsin. Taken in 1972
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Reconnect with old friends from Karamursel, Turkey
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