Established in 1957, and until operations were suspended in 1979, Karamürsel Common Defense Installation was
home to both military personnel and their civilian dependants. In addition, a dormitory for high school students from
the areas in the region without an American High School also existed. This website includes material for the military,
military dependants, and anyone interested in KCDI. Enjoy the site and
İyi günler!
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Due to its strategic and naturally protected location, Karamürsel has been used as a naval base that controlled the Black Sea. In addition, A U.S. military base was located in Karamürsel for many years during the Cold War for the purpose of intercepting Russian radio transmissions. The station, containing a huge array of antenna called the Elephant Cage, was there from 1957 until 1979. This huge landmark was visible from everywhere in Karamürsel, from villages on the hills surrounding the town, and also from the shores across the Izmit Bay. After the US military left, the base was transferred to the Turkish Navy, and is still in operation today. However, the US military took an important chip from the antenna, so that it would not be used after they left. The Turkish military eventually took out the antenna in mid 1990's but everyone still remembers this immense structure.
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